The movement has begun!


Begins June 12 through July 31st, 2022 on Sundays at 6:30 PM Eastern. All mentorship is live and held on Zoom with limited space available.


Welcome Home. Finally.

Finally Me, #FM4Real, is a movement to disrupt women across the world who want to freely live in the full authenticity of who they are as they’re becoming better, upgraded versions of themselves.

No more masking your identity
No more getting buried behind titles or degrees
No more sabotaging your happiness from negative experiences
No more losing who you are at the expense of everyone else
No more hiding behind careers or credentials
No more fearing of other’s opinion or perception of you
No more shaming yourself because of past failures
No more playing small so others can feel safe

Since everyone else is taken, the world is waiting for you to show up.
The authentic you.
The original you.
The REAL you!

It’s time to be drop-kicked into your next dimension of destiny: knowing who you are, whose you are, what you have, how you show up and why you show up.

Dr. Jazz is a catalyst of change for women to break free, finally thrive and for once and for all—find their frequency!

If not you, who?

If not now, when?


Dr. Jasmin Sculark

Without question, we are experiencing the era of “the woman”. Women across the globe are reaching, achieving and accomplishing extraordinary feats great and small. Dr. Jasmin “Jazz” Sculark is no exception. This native Trinidadian is a globally recognized pastor, entrepreneur, author and philanthropist.

She’s a 21st century trailblazer and global influencer who has impacted countless lives. She has an unequivocal mandate and crystalized mission to transform the hearts, minds and souls of women around the world and lead them into purpose-filled lives that are whole, healthy, connected wealthy and well-balanced. Dr. Jazz has an all-encompassing personality that consciously gives permission for others to walk in their divine identity and authenticity while lifting their voices and owning their stories.

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Finally Me For Real

Dr. Jasmin “Jazz” Sculark takes readers through an exploration of self-discovery and real-life application to usher them to a more enlightened approach of their own lives, no matter what age or stage. She uses topics ranging from readers finding themselves in the midst of various like situations such as dealing with grief, finances, relationships, health, and happiness to challenges like attempting to move past the restrictions and limitations that others place on them in life. This objective is to identify, embrace and manifest the lifestyle that represents the total YOU.

This book is the real deal with sharing transparent, intimate and candid truths coupled with principles and strategies that will help navigate on how to live a life that’s totally free, authentic, unapologetic, and unfiltered. There’s no greater freedom in living the life that you were meant to be, and more importantly who you are supposed to be. Without fear of other’s opinions, expectations, projections or limitations. “Finally Me For Real” is the final frontier for the individual who dare to live life at full throttle and clear frequency.


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What They’re Saying

I can smile. I feel uplifted. I can love. I feel like an eagle. It's like the mental load that I seem to carry (knowing or unknowingly) lifted and I noticed that I was so free and happy. God gave me a break. It's like a break from LIFE...
I don't know if it was the power of sisterhood or the power of Love. I just know...I feel free. Free to love myself...regardless of myself. Free.


Finally Me 4 Real means living unequivocally and unashamed of being uniquely me, because nobody can ever BE who GOD created me to be.

Angie Lewis

Stripping off other people's expectations of me and accepting all of who I am--flaws, strengths, vulnerabilities, fears, and imperfections. Finally walking in my authenticity, and making no apologies for it. I'm Finally Me!

Rayna Moses

Being my authentic self! Before God formed me in the womb, He knew me and set me apart. Therefore, I no longer live with fear of disappointing others or not fitting into the boxes they've created for me. I'm now living my best life and walking in what God has called me to be. I am...#FinallyMe4Real

Dr. Toyia Younger

Breaking the cycle of pain and mistrust. Boldly stepping out, stepping up and breaking through the barrier to walk in the truth of God's Word. Living free to be me for all the world to see. Happy, whole and soaring like an eagle!

Billie Kingston

It was awesome and no regrets attending. God’s servant allowed me to take away a new paradigm shift that will change the course of direction in my life’s journey. The sessions were extremely relevant to today’s struggle and solutions on how to get well. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Jazz and her team.

Rev. Cora-Dian Cameron

“Wow” and “phenomenal” are not expressive enough to describe the eruption of knowledge and the eruption of revelation that occurred. Thank you for allowing your idea to become a reality and sharing it with so many women who are finding themselves in God. FM4R has helped me to realize that I know who I am and walk in that purpose despite any adversary. God had to tear me down to build or recreate a new, better version of me to make me stronger. Just keep “doing me”, who cares if they like it or not.

Kimberly Logan

I’m telling you—it was life changing for me! Thank you for the awesome speakers as well as the excellent hospitality received from your conference team members.

Ovonda Walker

Finally Me 4 Real is phenomenal, and I am so grateful to be a part.

Sandra Smith

I attended the Finally Me For Real Conference. It was AWESOME and I love you Dr. Jazz as my Sister in Christ!

Valerie Lee

Dr. Jazz I am soooo proud of you.
Just keep it moving.

Lady Margaret Middleton

It's been quite a wonderful experience and it's still buzzing. We plan to get the DVDs and have our women gather and look at them.

Minister Juanita Cameron

It was powerful! I was so excited when you announced that you are taking the FM4R conference on tour. I truly believe that the world needs this to heal and to realize that the wars, the battles, the situations are “your scars” to help tell your story so others can heal. It was an honor to meet you Dr. Jazz and to be a part of a powerful movement.

Kimberly Logan